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Shareholder Relations

Canandaigua National Corporation (Company) is the holding company for The Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Company (Bank). The Company files financial information with its primary regulator, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which can be accessed at the following website: Canandaigua National Corporation regulatory information. The Bank files financial information with its primary regulator, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which can be accessed at the following website: The Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company regulatory information.

Prior to December 2013, the Company filed financial data with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This data, including Beneficial Ownership Reports on Forms 3, 4 and 5, can be accessed via the SEC Web site.

Our Common Stock

Information about beneficial ownership of the Company's stock by directors and certain officers is set forth in the Company’s most recent Proxy Statement. Market value and dividend information is set forth in the table below. The Company currently pays a semi-annual dividend in February and August (exclusive of the acceleration of February 2013's dividend to December 2012). We expect to continue to pay cash dividends to our stockholders for the foreseeable future.

CNC Stock Price

Last average auction price as of 6/21/2018

# sold - 3,811
High - $185.00
Low - $175.00

While the Company's stock is not actively traded, from time to time, shareholders sell shares to interested persons in sealed-bid public auctions administered by the Bank’s Trust Department at the request of selling shareholders. Our stock is not listed with a national securities exchange. Due to the limited number of transactions, the quarterly high, low and weighted average sale prices may not be indicative of the actual market value of the Company's stock. The following table sets forth a summary of transactions by selling shareholders and bidders in the Company's common stock during each period for transactions that were administered by the Bank’s Trust Department. Also included are the book value at quarter end, and semi-annual dividends paid per share. (All share and per-share information has been adjusted to reflect the 4-for-1 stock split in 2011). The $1.63 per share dividend paid in December 2012 was accelerated from the semi-annual dividend payment that would have been paid in February 2013.

# Shares Sold 
Quarterly High
Sales Price 
Quarterly Low
Sales Price  
Average Sales Price 
Book Value
Quarterly Earnings 
Dividend Paid 
2018 3rd Quarter              $2.50
2018 2nd Quarter    3,811 $185.00 $175.00 $179.01 $116.75 $4.43  
2018 1st Quarter    6,603 $176.00 $164.50 $165.83 $112.36 $4.58 $2.30
2017 4th Quarter 5,120 $179.00 $162.20 $163.73 $111.11 $1.80  
2017 3rd Quarter 3,044 $166.00 $160.00 $161.88 $110.00 $3.48 $2.30
2017 2nd Quarter 4,409 $165.00 $153.00 $159.25 $108.76 $3.08  
2017 1st Quarter 2,188 $160.30 $152.50 $153.81 $105.48 $3.23 $2.00
2016 4th Quarter 6,955 $169.02 $150.95 $152.86 $103.87 $2.95  
2016 3rd Quarter 2,231 $155.00 $149.00 $152.22 $101.90 $3.12 $1.95
2016 2nd Quarter 5,996 $155.00 $146.00 $150.88 $100.75 $3.07  
2016 1st Quarter 1,439 $150.10 $146.00 $148.57 $97.77 $2.70 $1.92
2015 4th Quarter 3,673 $151.60 $141.00 $147.33 $96.77 $3.00  
2015 3rd Quarter 1,880 $150.00 $140.00 $142.81 $93.79 $3.33 $1.86
2015 2nd Quarter 5,704 $151.00 $140.00 $145.65 $92.60 $2.96  
2015 1st Quarter 2,809 $153.00 $140.00 $147.44 $89.57 $1.76 $1.83
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To obtain the most recent weighted average sales price reached in a publicly advertised sale, please contact Lindsay Morrow, Shareholder Relations Manager by email at or by phone at (585) 393-6148 or toll-free at (800) 724-2621. Individuals interested in the Company’s stock are urged to review all of the Company’s available financial information.

CNC Annual Reports 
2018 Proxy Statement
2017 Annual Report 
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report

CNC Statements of Condition
June 30, 2018

Chairman's Letter to Shareholders
2014 Chairman's Letter 
2013 Chairman's Letter
2012 Chairman's Letter

Corporate Governance
Audit Committee Charter  (PDF)
Code of Conduct  (PDF)
CNC Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Non-Employee Directors (PDF)
Nominating and Governance Committee Charter  (PDF)
Compensation Committee Charter  (PDF)